Model: 4GL-120

The 4GL-120 reaper is specially designed for power tiller. Designed in simple and compact structure, this farm machinery features excellent reliability, high durability, long operating life, light weight and high cutting efficiency. It is widely used for reaping wheat and rice in the field.

Technical Parameters

                                                                                    Model                                 4GL-120
                                                                                    Power Required               12-18HP
                                                                                    Construction Mass          90kg
                                                                                    Efficiency (m2/hr.)         2000-2600
                                                                                    Cutting Width                  1200mm
                                                                                    Minimum Cutting
                                                                                    Height                                50mm

                                                                                    Matched Machine            12HP Series
                                                                                                                                  15HP Series
                                                                                                                                  18HP Series


Paddy And Wheat Drilling Machine 2B7-6A

Paddy and wheat drilling machine 2BG-6A is a walking tractor,power tiller implements towed behind a tractor, which is widely used for sowing crops through a field. It is connected to the tractor with a draw-bar. Our paddy and wheat drilling machine mainly consists of stand, traction device, seed hopper, seeding unit, seed spout, row marker and road wheel etc. It lays the seed down and fertilizer along rows, and the seeds are evenly distributed through row units.

Paddy and wheat drilling machines are built on decades of experience and on advanced technology. And they are highly valued for their superior efficiency, reliability and performance.

1. Remember oiling before working to ensure sufficient lubrication of the parts
2. Seeding rate adjuster should be flexible and slip resistant.
3. Keep the shovel disc turn flexibly without shaking
4. Keep the machine clean, remove the soil and oil stain in time
5. Place the drill planter in a dry shed


Thresher is attached to a two wheel tractor via PTO for separating wheat from their chaff and straw.  The machine has been designed by qualified engineers. the cutting heads of  machine  are hard  welded  which  are  made  capable  to thrash wheat and to resist wear and tear so as to last long. The cutter can easily be changed because of bolted fitting. The machine is built with strong angle iron and steel sheets. Nicely welded to give life long operation.



Model: 7C-1

Our 7C-1BH trailer is a commonly used tipping machine at the small area or hobby farms all the year round. Equipped with the hydraulic lift for tipping, it is good at transporting soil, sand, feed, fertilizers, tools, small machinery, trees for planting, even hay to all corners on the farms.

1.The trailer offers easy tipping through opening the rear flap while driving.
2. Hydraulic RAM operated lift is mounted on this farming machine.
3. All the side plates are removable.

Technical Parameters

                                                                                    Model                                  7C-1BH
                                                                                    Carriage Size (mm)           2000x1450x450
                                                                                    Capacity (kg)                      1000-1500
                                                                                    Construction Mass (kg)    360
                                                                                     Matched Power                12-18HP
                                                                                                                                   12-HP Series
                                                                                                                                   15-HP Series
                                                                                                                                   18-HP Series